Support for this project at the Cleveland Museum of Art has been led by C. Griffith Mann, deputy director and chief curator of collections and programs, former director Timothy Rub, interim director Deborah Gribbon, and current director David Franklin. Grants from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation funded the initial research of curatorial fellow Aimee Marcereau DeGalan and subsequently the work of Cory Korkow, the 2012 Painting and Drawing Society fellow, author of all catalogue entries to date, and to whom the passage describing CMA curator Louise Burchfield in the 1951 catalogue may also be applied: “She it is who has labored long and devotedly over the miniatures, and she it is who has brought together and collated the material which comprises the catalogue.” The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has also supported this publication.

Many thanks go to Jon L. Seydl, the CMA’s Paul J. and Edith Ingalls Vignos Jr. Curator of European Painting and Sculpture, 1500–1800, for acting as the primary content editor. The digital catalogue project has been undertaken with the support and collaboration of William H. Robinson, curator of modern European art; Mark Cole, associate curator of American painting and sculpture; Stephen Harrison, curator of decorative art and design; and Heather Lemonedes, curator of drawings. A close relationship with conservators has been critical to his project and could not have been accomplished without Moyna Stanton, conservator of paper, in consultation with Cecilia Rönnerstam of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Holly Witchey was instrumental in the early conceptualization of the online catalogue. The entries have been edited by the CMA’s director of Curatorial Publications Barbara J. Bradley and editor Jane Takac Panza. We consulted with Greg Donley, assistant director for Creative Services, on the design. Thanks also go to the staff of Ingalls Library for their research support; chief photographer Howard Agriesti and his team; the director of Information Management and Technology Services Jane Alexander and former digital imaging specialist Adam LaPorta; June de Phillips, curatorial assistant in European and American Painting and Sculpture; graphic designers Carolyn K. Lewis and Thomas H. Barnard III; Caroline Smith, editorial assistant in Marketing and Communications; and interns Samantha Miller and Jennifer Hannan. Several expert consultants have made substantial contributions to the reevaluation of the collection, including Elle Shushan, Haydn Williams, and Mark Griffith-Jones.