Member Recap: Wine Tasting Event

By Sue Schieman
Guest Blogger

A friend and co-worker and I attended the museum’s wine tasting in February. I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived, but it proved to be an enjoyable evening discovering wines that I wouldn’t normally drink.

The Wine Glass. James McNeill Whistler. 1858

The crowd was full, but not so large that it diminished the service or the ability of Janine Poleman from Heidelberg Distributing Company to connect with us in the room. While the space is not ideal—it’s just temporary during the construction—the room was set with tables for four, which allowed for easy conversation. (The other couple at our table confessed that they had met at another museum wine tasting several years ago!)

Poleman led us through the evening with the right amount of insider’s stories on each vintner, and short layman’s explanations about the grapes and what we should taste. We started with a sparkling rose from Hesketh, something I would never order from a menu or pick up at the store. But my friend and I were more than pleasantly surprised and I wouldn’t hesitate to go out of my way to find a bottle or two for sipping on a hot summer night. From then on, each wine—there were 6 in total—brought new delights and a desire for another pour.

Wine and art lovers won’t have to hunt far for the two wines we tasted from Darcie Kent Vineyards. Both Rava’s Back Jack (a Sauvignon Blanc) and the West Pinnacles (a Pinot Noir) will be making their debut soon in the Cleveland area. The evening ended with a fabulous cabernet from Stratton Lummis—definitely worth hunting down to serve for a special occasion.

The event was an especially nice and different way to enjoy the Cleveland Museum of Art, and my friend and I look forward to another.


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