Perspective: Museum Ambassador Learns About Gallery One


My experience in the Museum Ambassadors program has shown me that the museum is always striving to connect and interact with people through exhibitions like Gallery One. Gallery One is an exhibition that is located directly in front of the entrance of the museum. It helps to familiarize visitors with the museums’ many other exhibitions because it showcases art from different backgrounds, and of different mediums.

We have worked on many projects in correlation to Gallery One, as well as other aspects of the museum. During our visits to the Cleveland Museum of Art, we have explored the workings of a museum by putting together a virtual gallery according to a theme we were given. The theme my group was assigned is nature. We made up a list of artworks that we thought would represent nature to exhibit at the virtual gallery, and also conducted a survey to the visitors at the museum about their thoughts on where they see nature in art. Through these activities I have begun to understand how exhibitions like Gallery One are assembled after many trials and stages. I had originally thought that there was no link between the galleries and the visitors.

-- Rose Song, Westlake High School

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