Comments & Awards

What People are Saying!

"The Cleveland Museum of Art always goes out of its way to customize the distance learning programs for the needs of those participating, which is one reason my teachers and I keep coming back year after year." (Tech Coordinator from New Jersey)

On 'Egyptomania: Daily Life'-"We absolutely loved it! The kids couldn't say enough about how much they liked it. We are looking forward to the others we have scheduled" (Teacher from Ohio)

On 'Impressionism'-"Great lesson and wonderful paintings!" (Teacher from Ohio)

On 'L'Art de l'Afrique'-"The presentation was great and the students were very enthusiastic. They were especially pleased that they understood the French easily." (Teacher from Texas)

On "The Art of Adornment"-"The instructor was excellent at creating a close rapport with the students. In addition, the variety of art pieces studied as well as the diverse activities, such as sketching and discussing collages, helped to keep the students interested." (Teacher from Texas)

On 'The Art of Adornment'-"What a fabulous conference your expert ran for my students! The art work you selected appealed to my seventh graders and it was targeted perfectly for their background knowledge and interests." (Teacher from New York)

On 'The Art of Adornment'-"The presenter was phenomenal! She had the kids identifying aspects of each piece and how they were similar to and different from previously viewed pieces. I will be using the lesson every year! Spectacular job of helping me teach comparison and contrast!!!" (Teacher from Ohio)

CILC Pinnacle Aware 2018-2019

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration Award

In addition, the museum was awarded the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) Pinnacle Award, 2007–2019.

CILC Pinnacle Award 2017-2018
CILC Pinnacle Award 2016-2017
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