Seasonal Programs

Pysanky: The Art and Symbolism of Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Available all year, but recommended for spring time, Easter, and even Passover.

Learn about the art of creating pysanky, and how they relate to other art forms from around the world.  Pysanky are Ukrainian Easter eggs decorated using a wax resist method.  Students will delve into the history of making pysanky, discuss the symbolism of certain designs, and compare examples of artworks in the Cleveland Museum of Art with related patterns.  There will also be a live demonstration of the process of creating a pysanka.

If students would like additional instruction to create their own eggs, this program is also available as a series of videoconferences. Please contact us for further information.

Available for grades 5–12
Recommended program time: 45–60 minutes
Program Fee: $175

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El Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Available during the month of October.

This interactive videoconference will introduce students to Day of the Dead and explain how it is celebrated in Mexico. Elementary students will create movable paper esqueletos (skeletons) during the conference. Middle and high school students will make calaveras.

"Calavera" in Spanish means "skull." It also refers to humorous, imaginary, poetic obituaries printed in newspapers that are used to poke fun at people who are still living (such as politicians or other public figures). Students will create their poems ahead of time, and have the opportunity to illustrate them during the video conference.

Available for elementary, middle, and high school
Recommended program time: 45–60 minutes
Program Fee: $145

Instructions, a list of necessary materials, and a list of vocabulary words will be sent to the teacher once registration is completed.


Scary Art
Don’t forget about our Scary Art program, which is available all year!

Fun for Halloween or anytime—a distance learning program featuring goblins, witches, and dastardly doings! Explore otherwordly paintings and prints by Francisco Goya, Salvator Rosa, and Albert Pinkham Ryder for an art journey to the other side. Students discuss superstition in the 1600s, including the Salem witch trials.

Available for grades 7–12
Recommended program time: 45–60 minutes
Program Fee: $145