CMA Sketch

CMA Sketch challenges participants with a prompt to draw something inspired by the CMA’s collection. Prompts are open-ended and designed for all ages! Join in with your kids, friends, colleagues, or entire family to connect with CMA in a collaborative, virtual community.

Participants can share sketches using #CMASketch for a chance to be reposted to CMA’s Instagram stories. Don’t forget to upload your creations to the Visitor Art Gallery, using the Submit Your Artwork button below.

Musical Melody

This drawing belongs to a series that Georges Braque made with papier collé, a technique he invented in 1912 that featured collaged elements made from inexpensive wood-patterned wallpaper. Can you see how he used layered paper and charcoal lines to represent this violin? What’s your favorite instrument to play or listen to? Draw a sketch of it!

Summer Shadows

Look at all the shadows found in this artwork, Mid-Summer Light. Where can you find shadows inside or outside your home? Sketch the most interesting or surprising shadow you come across.

Your Favorite Animal

Located in New Castle, New Hampshire, Bos’n’s Hill was a favored leisure spot for the artist Edmund C. Tarbell’s family. It provides the luminous setting for this depiction of the artist’s wife, Emeline, who strolls through the landscape while a beloved pet dog accompanies her. Do you have a pet at home? Draw a portrait of your pet, or a pet you’d like to adopt in the future.

Use Your Imagination

What do you think is on the other side of this garden wall? What piques your curiosity? Draw a picture of what you would want to see on the other side.

What’s in Your Home?

This artwork, House Model, shows a group, perhaps members of a family, together in their home. Draw a picture of what makes your home special to you!

Favorite Household Item

Do you have a favorite chair? Or maybe a funky lamp you picked up at a garage sale? Draw a picture of your favorite household item. Is it comfortable, sentimental, or both? What’s its story?

Time to Celebrate

This artwork, Decoration Executed for the Birthday of His Majesty the King of Westphalia, shows all the decorations for the the birthday of Jérôme Bonaparte, the King of Westphalia. Draw your favorite way to celebrate any holiday, special occasion, or little victory!


The figures in this image are playing a game like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Make a sketch of your favorite game to play at home!

Are You Hungry Yet?

This painting shows a fancy 17th-century meal. Have you tried any new recipes? Draw your favorite work from the CMA’s collection that features food, or just sketch the last thing you ate!

Inspired by Nature

Sketch your favorite work from the CMA’s collection that features flowers and plants, or sketch the flowers in your home or yard. What shapes and colors do you see?