Cleveland Collectors

The museum’s collections have been enriched by the magnificent gifts given to the museum by Cleveland collectors. Three notable collections and gifts are profiled below:

Noah and Muriel S. Butkin
When Muriel S. Butkin died in August 2008, she named the Cleveland Museum of Art as the primary beneficiary of their estate. The collection included paintings, drawings, sculpture, and decorative arts collected over a lifetime by the Butkins and reflects their devotion to French art and culture. Muriel was also a bibliophile and amassed an impressive library of literature and fine bindings.

Leonard C. Hanna Jr.
Leonard C. Hanna Jr. (1889–1957)—iron, coal, ore, and shipping magnate and philanthropist—gave his first work of art to the museum in 1915. When he died in 1957, he left a bequest of over $33 million to the Cleveland Museum of Art. His long association with the museum began in 1914 when he became a member of the advisory council. He was a founding member of the Print Club in 1919 and was appointed to the museum’s board of trustees in 1920. Throughout his life Hanna contributed funds to purchase many iconic works in the collection and donated many of our best-loved works.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marlatt
The Marlatts’ gifts to the museum’s collections and library were both unexpected and magnificent. William H. Marlatt (1869–1937) and his wife, Julia Morgan Marlatt (1873–1939), quietly amassed a collection of fine books, paintings, etchings, and manuscripts. Upon Julia’s death, a complete set of the works of the Kelmscott Press, printed by William Morris (1834–1896), was given to the museum’s library, along with a bequest of nearly $1 million.